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Tobias and the Angel (1542) oil on canvas cm. 96x126 | Giovanni Gerolamo Savoldo

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In Tobias and the Angel, the Brescian artist Giovanni Gerolamo Savoldo depicts the biblical episode in which a heavenly travelling companion tells the young Tobias to catch a fish and use its bile to cure his father's blindness. Savoldo has here produced a synthesis of his research into the effects of nature on the human figure, on drapery and on foliage, which appears to be pierced by light, and on the quality of colours seen in the distance, by adopting methods taught by Leonardo. A silverly light characterizes his paintings and this distinguishes him from other Venetian painters like Titian, who nonetheless influenced him, as did Lorenzo Lotto. Savoldo also became a reference point for the young Caravaggio, particularly in his half-lenght portraits of young men painted in a refined choice of colours and surrounded by strong chiaroscuro effects.
Guide to the Galleria Borghese
K. H. Fiore
Paperback, 16,5x23 cm, pp. 128, 141 col. ill.
€ 14,00

The volume introduces Cardinal Scipione Borghese's outstanding collection of art. The works exhibited in this fine 17th-century building include paintings and sculptures from the 15th to 18th century (Raphael, Correggio and Caravaggio), sculptures (Bernini), bas-reliefs and mosaics.
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