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Apollo and Daphne Carrara's marble cm. 243 | Gian Lorenzo Bernini

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Gian Lorenzo Bernini created an unpreviousd masterpiece for Cardinal Scipione Borghese depicting the chaste nymph Daphne being turned into a laurel tree, pursued in vain by Apollo god of light.
This life-size marble sculpture, begun by Bernini at the age of twenty-four and executed between 1622 and 1625, has always been housed in the same villa, but originally stood on a lower and narrower base set against the wall near the stairs. Consequently anyone entering the room first saw Apollo from behind, then the fleeing nymph appeared in the process of metamorphosis: brak covers most of her body, but according to Ovid's lines, Apollo's hand can still feel her heart beating beneath it.Thus the scene ends by Daphne being transformed into a laurel tree to escape her divine aggressor.
The presence of this pagan myth in the Cardinal's villa was justified by a moral couplet composed in Latin by Cardinal Maffeo Barberini (later Pope Urban VIII) and engraved on the cartouche on the base, which says: Those who love to pursue fleeting forms of pleasure, in the end find only leaves and bitter berries in their hands.
In 1785, when Marcantonio IV Borghese decided to place the work in the centre of the room, Vincenzo Pacetti designed the present base by using the original pieces, adding plaster to the plinth and another cartouche bearing the Borghese eagle, sculpted by Lorenzo Cardelli.
Bernini Scultore. La Nascita del Barocco in Casa Borghese
B. Coliva - S. Schütze
Brossura, 21x29 cm, pp. 476, 94 ill col. e 242 b/n.
€ 25,00

Il catalogo è dedicato alla grande mostra che ha documentato presso la Galleria Borghese gli esordi giovanili del grande artista.
Guide to the Galleria Borghese
K. H. Fiore
Paperback, 16,5x23 cm, pp. 128, 141 col. ill.
€ 14,00

The volume introduces Cardinal Scipione Borghese's outstanding collection of art. The works exhibited in this fine 17th-century building include paintings and sculptures from the 15th to 18th century (Raphael, Correggio and Caravaggio), sculptures (Bernini), bas-reliefs and mosaics.
The Sculptor Bernini. The Birth of the Baroque in the House of the Borghese
A. Coliva
Stapled book, 15x21 cm, pp. 32, 40 col. and b/w ill.
€ 5,00

This book is a pocket edition of the exhibition catalogue for the "Birth of the Baroque in the House of the Borghese" marking the 400th anniversary of the birth of Gian Lorenzo Bernini and alternates between loans and permanent exhibits.
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