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David (1623-24) white marble cm. 170 | Gian Lorenzo Bernini

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It was Cardinal Scipione Borghese who commissioned the statue of David, confronting the giant Goliath and armed only with a sling, executed between 1623 and 1624 by twenty-five-year-old Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The youth's tense facial expression(fig.1) is modelled on Bernini himself as he struggle with his tools to work the hard marble. The oversize cuirass leant to David by King Saul before the encounter lies on the ground with the harp David will play after his victory, which is decorated with an eagle's head (fig.2), a symbolic reference to the Borghese family.
The number of points of view the sculptor intended to present to the spectator is still a matter of conjecture. The right side (fig.3) shows David's movements, his stride is almost a leap as he aims his sling; seen from the front (fig.4) the pose is frozen, just one second before the fatal shot, and seen diagonally (fig.5) there is a rhytmic balance between movement and pose.


Bernini Scultore. La Nascita del Barocco in Casa Borghese
B. Coliva - S. Schütze
Brossura, 21x29 cm, pp. 476, 94 ill col. e 242 b/n.
€ 25,00

Il catalogo è dedicato alla grande mostra che ha documentato presso la Galleria Borghese gli esordi giovanili del grande artista.
Guide to the Galleria Borghese
K. H. Fiore
Paperback, 16,5x23 cm, pp. 128, 141 col. ill.
€ 14,00

The volume introduces Cardinal Scipione Borghese's outstanding collection of art. The works exhibited in this fine 17th-century building include paintings and sculptures from the 15th to 18th century (Raphael, Correggio and Caravaggio), sculptures (Bernini), bas-reliefs and mosaics.
The Sculptor Bernini. The Birth of the Baroque in the House of the Borghese
A. Coliva
Stapled book, 15x21 cm, pp. 32, 40 col. and b/w ill.
€ 5,00

This book is a pocket edition of the exhibition catalogue for the "Birth of the Baroque in the House of the Borghese" marking the 400th anniversary of the birth of Gian Lorenzo Bernini and alternates between loans and permanent exhibits.
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