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Portrait of a Gentlewoman (The Silent One) (1505-07 c.), oil on canvas, cm 64x48 | Raphael Sanzio

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The famous Raphael's Portrait of a Gentlewoman, also known as La Muta (The Silent One), has been variously identified as Elisabetta Gonzaga or, more convincingly, as Giovanna Feltria, wife of Giovanni Della Rovere.
The panel, from the artist's Florentine period, is one of the masterpieces on display in the so-called Apartment of the Duchess in the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche.
Guide to the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche in the Palazzo Ducale at Urbino
P. Dal Poggetto
Paperback, 16,5x23 cm, pp. 96, 89 col. ill.
€ 10,00

This volume illustrates the collections in the National Gallery of the Marches displayed in the splendid palace built by Federico da Montefeltro to glorify his family.
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