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Open Museum of Tridente
This part of Rome, where all is art, be it church, palace, street, fountain, can be thought of as a kind of open art museum: thus the visitor wondering through the streets of the Trident will be continuously amazed by the beauty of the architecture, by the extraordinary amount and fineness of the masterpieces treasured in the churches, museums and palaces, by the scenographic backdrop of the stairway of Trinitŗ dei Monti and the perspective effects of Piazza del Popolo, by the eccentric spatiality of Piazza di Spagna and the sudden foreshortenings of piazza SantíIgnazio.
The Trident, the urban area enclosed within the three street axes branching off from Piazza del Popolo, is the heart of Renaissance and Baroque in Rome, the most representative place in a city where art, history and everyday life have always stood uniquely as a whole.
Defined in its topography during the first half of the Sixteenth century on the basis of a project by Raffaello, the Trident developed its urban and social texture as well as its scenographic appearance from the end of 16th to the first years of 18th century, and itís still, as itís been in the past, the throbbing heart of the city.
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